Is your online personal

training successful?

BLive is the new standard for online fitness training. Make money, manage clients, all from the comfort and safety of your own spaces.
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Are you tired of working

for the gym?

Are you tired of paying the gym a monthly fee? BLive allows you to connect with clients around the globe and workout through the power of live streaming.
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Why wait for the future?

With the pandemic in place, online personal training has boosted. The opportunity to start your online personal training business is NOW. 
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Easily monetise what you already do

Say goodbye to stress.
Set up your business on 1 platform.
Booking & Calendar System
Ratings & Reviews
During the pandemic there has been an influx of personal trainers changing to online training. With no way of monetizing what they do online.
BLive is the first online platform to monetise your online coaching business.
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Connect to clients on a global scale

United we conquer.
With the world currently physically disconnected, at BLive we aim to be connected with the power of fitness communities around the globe.
Messaging System
Trainers / Trainees Profile
Train/connect with your favourite trainer/trainee around the globe.
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Flexible hours to work when you want

Say goodbye to expensive gym rent.
Personal trainers are often cheated in the gyms.
Be your OWN boss
BLive gives you the power to be in control of your own time and schedule.
We hear your stories of working tirelessly with very little clienteles. We want to change that.
Illustration of two people working out
A sample of what the app would look like.
A sample of what the app would look like
A sample of what the app would look like
A sample of what the app would look like
A sample of what the app would look like

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